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Sundays at Wellspring

We start the day with a Bible study between 10:00 and 11:00 which gives you a chance to discuss the Bible with others.

Our morning service starts at 11:00am and we warmly welcome you to come and join with us as we worship the Living God together, take communion and then listen to a relevant message from the Word of God.  The service usually finishes around 12:45pm and everyone is invited to enjoy light refreshments afterwards.

For those unable to attend Wellspring, the message is normally live streamed via Facebook, apart from the first Sunday of the month, which is our family service.  Please click here to see the latest message.

During term time, there is a Sunday School available for children aged 3 and over whilst the Word of God is being shared. 

On the first Sunday of each month we have our family service.  This service is slightly shorter and more interactive than our usual one and the children stay in the church for the whole service.   We do not have communion during this service.