Wellspring History

A group of Welling residents who had been attending the Bexleyheath church felt it was right to start meeting together in Welling in January 1939.  So on the 25th January 1939 they met in rented accommodation over Hummerstone and Hawkins business premises at Welling Corner.

World War II was declared on the first Sunday of September 1939.  In June 1941 they had notice to quit, the premises were required for war purposes.  The scout hut was rented in Warwick Road temporarily but was not suitable, so a room over Dewhurst's the butchers was then rented and used for a considerable time.  Notice to quit was again received but then recinded.  A search for permanent premises finally resulted in purchasing our present building circa September 1956.

Originally this was built in the style of many Church of England buildings for the purpose of a Sunday School, 1888 - see the inscription in stonework.  The main entrance was at the back of the building fronting New Road.  The back is now the front, entrance being bricked in, see the inside wall.  Also a wooden bell tower was at this eastern end roof, see the holes in the ceiling for the bell ropes.  The bell tower was knocked out by an incendiary bomb in the war.

 When the group of people who had formed the church gathering moved in, in September 1956 a lot of work was required to update the building for their purposes. A baptistry was built with a platform with rails fronting it and a pulpit.  The work was carried out by volunteers in their spare time.  Eventually the premises were officially opened circa June 1957.  Opening services were so popular, people were turned away, the building was overfull.

The first Pastor of the church was Pastor Foord who led the church until 1969.  Then Pastor Douglas Bean took over and remained here for 30 years until 1999. Pastor Del Bearfoot was our leader until Pastor Steve Hamblin took over in October 2008, he left in October, 2012.
In November, 2013, Pastor Jim Patterson was appointed Pastor, and he remained until  September 2018. The Church is currently led by Pastor Graham Cunnington and his wife Rev Christina, who took over the leadership in February 2020.

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